Cordless honeycomb blinds

Item No.: BT-CHB001
Size: 26mm,38mm,45mm
Product Description:
1-The design is inspired from the most perfect construction--honeycomb in the world.  This unique 
comb structure ,which is applied for fabrics,is capable to hold the air in the hollow hexagonal,to 
effectively maintain the balance of the temperature indoor,to save energy expenses, and to 
resist heat or keep warm. It makes the indoor environment cool in summer and warm in winter.
2- It is made of different polyester materials,for example, non-woven fabric,wire network fabric,
knitting fabric,and weaving fabric. With process of special technique,these materials have 
various environmental protection functions,such as fire resistance,anti-static,anti-UV,anti-bacteria,
proof of water and oil.
3-Dim-out and black-out material available;
The dim-out comb blinds are combined with the classical pleated blinds design,
and overcome the weakness of the pleated,which easily hangs down due to the increase 
of height and weight.The combination enables to keep the blinds in shape from top to
 bottom,keep the color in uniformity.The black-out has aluminum film inside and protect 
human and things from UV.  
4-Translucent fabric may combined with block-out fabric to create day/night honeycomb fabric. One between the top rail and center rail and one between center rail and bottom rail.It keeps the privacy at night and satisfies enough lights in day.
5-Almost available for any size and shape windows; 
It resists heat and keeps warm, and also increases the modern atmosphere in living and business.
6-Exquisite cord design with the nice pleat make the honeycomb more elegant and exquisit.
    Cell types: single-cell,  double-cell, cell-in-cell;
    Operation systems : manual(ball chain,cord,press),electric,intelligent control.
    Manual control : push by figure to control upwards or downwards. It is most suitable for the 
                           safety for children. 
    Ball chain system: chain easy control, smooth operation.
    Intelligent system: control by remote for any operation, upwards or   downwards, open or close.
    Applicable places: villa,house,hotel,office,etc.
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